Kings Mountain National Military Park
Blacksburg, South Carolina

In the afternoon of Saturday, October 7, 1780, Patriot troops consisting of North Carolina militia, Virginia militia, and the "Over the Mountain Men" met the Loyalist forces under the command of British Major Patrick Ferguson at Kings Mountain. The battle was brief, but the consequences were long-lasting.

When the battle was over, Major Ferguson lay dead with most of his men either dead, dying, or captured. When news of the battle reached Thomas Jefferson, he called it "…that turn of the tide of success which terminated the Revolutionary war…" What was success for the Americans, however, was seen differently by the British. Sir Henry Clinton reportedly referred to the defeat at Kings Mountain as "…the first link in a chain of evils that at last ended in the total loss of America."

Within these pages the visitor will find photographs of the monuments at Kings Mountain National Military Park which tell the stories of the heroes of the Battle of Kings Mountain.


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